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Personalized healthcare that meets your needs

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Comprehensive personal healthcare provider

Healthcare Medical is your comprehensive personal healthcare provider. Committed and caring, our team of healthcare professionals focuses on providing broad-based health services for the communities that we serve.

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One-stop healthcare for our community

With the aim of providing holistic comprehensive health care solutions, our clinic is moving towards providing personalized healthcare solutions for both individuals and corporate clients alike. We are developed to include continuous viable primary health care, executive health screening and men’s and women’s health, which is in line with our vision of being a one-stop healthcare provider for the community.

  • caring team

    caring team

  • best personalized care

    best personalized care

  • experience doctors

    experience doctors

Every client and patient is assured of the best personalized care possible, so let our experienced healthcare professionals at Healthcare Medical provide you and your family with personalized healthcare that meets your needs.

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Dr Khoo Kenneth

Resident Doctor

Heallthcare Medical @ Railmall

MBBS (Singapore)


Dr Kenneth Khoo is a well-established family physician who has been practicing at Railmall for more than 30 years.

He first graduated from the National University of Singapore’s School of Medicine in 1991 and since then, his wide-ranging experience has seen him working as a doctor in the Singapore Air Force as well as various government hospitals and private clinics. He has acquired extensive experience integral to his work as a family physician by rotating through relevant key disciplines which includes acute and emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery as well as maternal and child health.

He is known to be a dedicated and caring family physician who has built strong following with his patients over his many years of practice.